Trafilerie Gilardi - Company

Trafilerie Edoardo Gilardi & C. S.r.l. was established in 1951. The initial products were construction steels delivered from wire rod. Those products were mainly used in the industry during the postwar reconstruction.

Specialized research soon led the company to start wiredrawing and treatment of cold-heading steel. The final use of this steel was the production of screws and bolts by cold permanent - deformation processing.

This was the company's first step in direction of diversification in terms of quality of material and finishing. This has always been a trademark of Trafilerie Gilardi S.r.l.

High quality and specialization was achieved by firm attention to the quality control. In 1991, the company was one of the first wire drawing mills in Italy capable of obtaining the certificate of Quality Assurance ISO 9002.

The management of Trafilerie Gilardi S.r.l. constantly strives for customer satisfaction, which is the key to success.

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